Willy Jack Story

Willy Jack seeds came intro existance during the herb growing revolution of the mid 1990's. Our goal was to supply top quality seeds in the growing Canadian market, with all proceeds funding the cause for freedom. Freedom is not free. From 1994 until the legalization of herbs, every dollar generated from Willy Jack Seeds, has been donated to various activists, and organizations. These organizations, with the help of Willy Jack, were instrumental in the legalization of herbs. While doing so, Willy Jack captured a customer, and fan, base beyond our Canadian borders, stretching across the world. Along the way we've been featured in magazines like High Times, Heads, Herb Culture and even made it into The Big Book of Buds, authored by the legendary guru himself Ed Rosenthal. For almost 30 years our trusted, well established brand has been providing pure hemp strains and developing modern crossbreeds. We have a history of strains with high yields and potency. Strains such as Willy Jack Haze, Black Domina, Jack Herer, Northern Lights, AK47, White Widow, Hindu Kush, Skunk, Early Girl, and Derbon Poison, to name a few. Old school stores throughout Canada, like Hemp B.C and Hemp Quebec, carried Willy Jack Seeds. Willy Jack is committed to freedom, love, family, and accountability among other things. We are back and ready to serve the World with the seeds that made us famous. If you don't know Willy you don't know Jack



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Non Feminized Seeds

These seeds are not feminized 

Celebrating Our History

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    Herb Culture Aug 2003

    Willy Jack Seeds have been for sale for decades, and advertised in magazines such as Cannabis Culture in the early 2000's.

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    Herb Grower's Guide

    Willy Jack Seeds are even mentioned in the Herb Grower's Bible, "Herb Grower's Guide" by The Herb Guru himself, Ed Rosenthal. 19xx

  • Heads magazine cover on willyjack.com

    Heads Nov 2002

    Heads magazine is another magazine that advertised Willy Jack Seeds in the early 2000's